4 Reasons You Need a Coach

Whether a newbie or experienced campaigner, coaching can take you a step closer to reaching your goals. The recent boom in online services has made highly accredited mentors accessible to everyone, meaning you don’t have to stoop to a local inexperienced coach for advice.

Here are 4 reasons to hire a coach:

  1. Knowledge – With many years of success and failure under their belts, a good coach will provide you with invaluable experience. From preventing you making school boy errors to understanding setbacks, this alone is enough to warrant hiring a mentor.
  2. Accountability – We’ve all skipped the odd exercise or training session. Why? Because we’re only accountable to ourselves. By having a support crew monitoring progress, you’ll be less likely to skimp on the required number of sets the program asks for.
  3. Weaknesses – When setting up your own program, whether it be a training  or nutrition, it’s natural to play to your strengths. Consequently, weaknesses fall to the wayside, further increasing the imbalance. A mentor identifies the areas of struggle and makes this central to your plan.
  4. Stress and Time Management – Take the strain and guesswork out of exercise selection, nutrition planning and competition strategy. Leave this in the hands of your coach, allowing you to focus on the basics.

If you’re considering hiring a coach, do your research. Ensure the individual is knowledgeable in their given field. Make certain they are not only book smart, but also have got their hands dirty in a practical sense.

By Andrew Cammarano


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