Your Posture Sucks – Volume 1

This series of posts goes out to the desk jockey’s out there. We’ve touched on the dangers of sitting in Sitting Ducks. This write-up aims to give you a few strategies to combat the inevitable aches and pains which arise from too much time spent on your rump!

The human body is remarkable in its ability to adapt to change. When provided with an adequate stimulus, the body responds to reduce the impact, should it be confronted with the same stimulus in the future.

Unfortunately, the body is unaware of whether a stimulus is good or bad. The posture of sitting isn’t inherently bad, though when done so for hours, it has a negative effect. Then, take into consideration the deterioration of posture which occurs as fatigue sets in…

You begin by slumping through your lower back, then your shoulders slouch forward and finally you poke your chin out.

Effectively what your body does from this point is it attempts to make you more efficient in this poor posture. Your hips tighten-making it easier to slouch through your lower back, your pecs shorten-drawing your shoulders forward, and so on…

Though, by making a concerted effort to consistently move out of these postures, these pesky issues can be repelled.

Before moving on to the specifics, let’s talk about the parameters. As I’ve already alluded to, the key when it comes to correcting posture-related problems is a consistent approach. So…

  • Every 30 minutes when you’re taking a break from sitting, select two exercises from this series and carry out 2 sets of each.
  • As Will mentioned in a previous post, a 30 second hold is the gold standard for a stretch. Ensure you’re experiencing mild discomfort through the targeted area.
  • In the evening, dedicate at least 10 minutes to performing these. This is the bare minimum you should be doing to combat a days worth of sloppy postures. Now, don’t try to do all the mobility exercises known under the sun, prioritise based on how your feeling and what feels tight.

Let’s start with the hips…

When carrying out this drill, you should feel the stretch at the front of the hip. Squeeze the glutes tight and avoid arching through the lower back. The first part of the video demonstrates the movement.

Once your confident and have mastered this movement, you may find you no longer experience a stretch through the front of your hips. Watch from about 2.45 in the video for the progression, it looks like this…

Hip Flexor Advanced

This stretch should be felt slightly higher up through the abdominal and oblique region.

The next stretch targets your gluteal muscles. No excuses for this one Jimmy as it can be done in sitting!

Gluteal Stretch Sitting

Apply some gentle pressure through the elevated knee in order to maximize this stretch.

That’s it for the first volume. Begin incorporating these movement regularly and see if you notice a change in the way you move and feel.


“Don’t keep reaching for the stars because you’ll just look like an idiot stretching that way for no reason.”

-Jimmy Fallon


By Andrew Cammarano


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