Simple Healthy Eating Strategies

Food and dieting trends are rampant in today’s society. To make matters worse, they are over publicised by a ratings-hungry media (Pardon the pun!). Despite this, and the growing availability of fast food, eating a healthy diet is still easily manageable. Check out the tips below:

  • Plan and prepare ahead

We’ve all been there. You stumble through the door after dark following a long day and haven’t eaten for hours. You heave your work or school bag on the couch and make a bee-line for the pantry. Cookies, Wagon Wheels and corn chips are quickly dispatched. Before you know it, you awake from your food coma two hours later and find yourself watching another re-run of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’.

A simple alternative to this scenario is to heat up a healthy, well-balanced meal which you prepared earlier. For example, set aside one or two times during the week where you cook in bulk – grill a bunch of chicken, bake a tray of potatoes etc. From here, divide relatively equal portions of the meal components into a tupperware container.

“But Andrew, I like variety!”. Quit whining little Jimmy! I hate to break it to you, but the truth is everybody has their ‘go to’ staple meals which they eat week in week out, so preparing meals in advance is merely saving you time. Furthermore, during the preparation phase, simply cook a more varied source of foods for the coming days if you have an extremely refined palate.

  • Eat protein

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog, eating a reasonable amount of protein won’t immediately make you ‘bulk up’. Protein is largely responsible for that feeling of fullness following a meal. This satiety will prevent you from snacking 8 minutes after finishing your dinner.

Simply add a portion of protein to each meal you eat. For example, some tuna to a salad or beef to a stir-fry.Healthy eating

  • Remove temptation

This one takes a little will power at the supermarket. Skip the ice cream fridge. Give the chocolate aisle a miss. When you don’t have those delicious, high-calorie snacks readily available, you simply can’t eat them!

Don’t try to fool yourself with, “I better get this 48 pack of Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts in case I have guests”. Firstly, the Pumpkin Pie flavour was limited edition. Secondly, what’s wrong with providing a healthy snack for your guests like fruit or vegetable sticks and dip?

  • Have a back-up

Now this is  a last resort, and shouldn’t be relied upon. Keep a limited supply of pre-packaged meals in your fridge or freezer. Although I haven’t personally tried the product, Zuji Nutrition ( looks quite promising. They, and similar product lines, offer a well-balanced meal including a nutrient breakdown.

Before purchasing this type of meal, ensure you’ve done your research and the ingredients are genuine.

So there you have it faithful followers, a few simple tips to keep your nutrition in check. I would encourage anyone who has any strategies of their own to post them in the comments section below!

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are”


By Andrew Cammarano


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